Cosmetic Division

The “Cosmetics Division” deals specifically with the creation of “turnkey” systems for the assembly, packaging and control of cosmetic products. The systems are designed and manufactured by customizing them to the customer’s specific requests.


The most frequently treated products are: baked, extruded, powders, mascara, nail polish, free powders, hot products, lipsticks and lip gloss. Machines and lines for forming, packaging, labeling, orientation and control also through the use of vision systems integrated in the system.


TA Automation also develops bench and laboratory equipment for quality and process control, “drop test” and “crash test”.

Below SOME of the machines manufactured, TA Automation is in any case able to automate any other type of process or test based on the customer’s specifications.

Customized Packaging Lines

Screew Loose Powder

Dry Stamp Machine

Cosmetic Spheres

Top E Side Injection

Cosmetic Test

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For special processes, machines are also designed and manufactured to customer specifications.